Vidit Goel

Vidit Goel

Machine Learning Engineer

Snap Inc


Hi, I am Vidit Goel currently working as Machine Learning Engineer at Snap Inc based out of Los Angeles. For the past few years I have majorly worked in computer vision including image generation and segmentation. I am passionate about applying my knowledge to build products and learn things along the way. I believe that artificial intelligence can augment our lives in various positive ways and want to focus my knowledge and skills in doing the same. I am always exicted to meet new people and discuss ideas either it be products, companies or in general AI.

I have been fortunate to be guided by Prof Humphrey Shi during my time at Picsart. Before joining Picsart I completed my B.Tech and Master degree from IIT Kharagpur where I worked with Prof Debdoot Sheet on medical image generation and segmentation and recieved best thesis award in the department.

Other than work I like hiking, playing badminton, exploring places and trying various cusines.

  • Computer Vision
  • Generative Models
  • Segmentation


  • [2024] 2 Papers accepted in CVPR on image editing and fairness in diffusion models 📃📃
  • [2023] Joined Snap Inc as a Machine Learning Engineer focused on Generative ML 🚀
  • [2023] 1 Paper accepted in IEEE Transactions of Image Processing on Salient Object Detection. 📃
  • [2023] 1 Paper accepted in CVIU on Interactive Neural Painting. 📃
  • [2023] Got promoted to Senior Applied Scientist 🚀
  • [2022] 1 Paper accepted in CVPR on video super resolution 📃